Jeteffect Services

Full-Spectrum Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Acquisition, and Fleet Assessment Services

Whether you are engaging us as an individual owner or on behalf of a corporation, we help you sell aircraft, buy aircraft, or assess aircraft quickly and efficiently. Our tight-knit team of seasoned industry professionals works collaboratively to find the ideal opportunity and provide the insight you need to maximize the return on your aviation investment. And, with six offices nationwide and contacts around the world, our global reach is your competitive edge.

Sales & Brokerage

Get your aircraft in front of an eager audience of highly qualified buyers so that you get the best possible price. From focused marketing efforts that generate interest to closing and delivery assistance, we guide you through every step of the sales process to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

Sales and Brokerage


Find the aircraft that meets both your mission profile and your budget, and complete the purchase efficiently. We consider a long list of factors as we search for the right investment so you can rest assured that this transaction will deliver exceptional value today and in the future.

Fleet Analysis

Own and operate aircraft more effectively with our expert consulting services. Combining extensive industry experience with accurate, up-to-date statistics, we help you make the right moves for developing, maintaining, or expanding your fleet.

Fleet Analysis


Understand what your aircraft is worth in all economic conditions by utilizing our in-depth knowledge and insider’s understanding of the market. We consider a long list of factors and up-to-date statistics as we determine the value of your aircraft to help you make confident decisions.

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