About Jeteffect

A Recognized Leader in Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Acquisition, and Fleet Analysis

Jeteffect is a recognized leader in aircraft sales, aircraft acquisitions, and fleet analysis. Our close-knit team consists of aviation industry veterans with decades of experience. Employees rather than independent brokers, they work collaboratively from six office locations nationwide to assist clients looking to maximize the value of their assets when buying aircraft, selling aircraft, or maintaining a fleet.

Why Jeteffect

Aircraft owners and operators come to Jeteffect — and stay with Jeteffect — for many reasons, including:

Coast-to-Coast Presence

We operate six fully staffed offices nationwide, which allows us to develop strong relationships with the industry’s key players. It also means we can offer more business hours in which we are working on a client’s behalf.

In-Depth Knowledge

Being the first to identify an outstanding purchase opportunity or eager buyer can make all the difference. Our insider’s understanding of how aircraft transactions get completed gives our clients a competitive edge.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Data

We invest in the best technology and in maintaining an extensive network of industry contacts. This ensures that we are the first to know about aircraft for sale or qualified buyers — in many cases before the information is made public.

Team Synergy

While a client has one point of contact at Jeteffect, they benefit from the collective skills and experience of an entire company that is working in unison to help them achieve their objectives.

Proven Results

Whether it is helping a client avoid costly mistakes or making processes like documentation review or physical inspections more efficient and therefore more cost-effective, we have a track record of saving them time and money, and maximizing their ROI, on aircraft transactions.

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