George Marburger

Founding partner George Marburger is based out of Jeteffect's East Coast office. He oversees all aspects of marketing, research, sales and acquisitions. George has been directly involved in all aspects of the corporate aviation industry for 35 years. After completing thousands of hours of flight time and earning an Airline Transport Pilot license and multiple jet type ratings, George found his forte in sales and acquisitions. He has been involved in hundreds of transactions and has successfully negotiated even the most difficult of deals. With his vast knowledge and extensive experience, George can assist you through contracts, tax issues and technical concerns.

Contact George Marburger at

Los Angeles   562-989-8800

Dallas   214-451-6953

Chapin   803-345-6000

Auburn   334-502-0500

Palm Beach   561-747-2223

Virginia Beach   757-821-2921