Demonstrating the Power to Produce Results

Jeteffect was founded in 2000 by Bryan Comstock, a pilot and writer who covered the aviation industry, and George Marburger, a pilot who flew corporate for several years. They had a vision for leveraging their in-depth knowledge and insider’s understanding of the challenges faced by owners and operators to take the complexity out of selling aircraft and buying aircraft.

For nearly two decades, their full-service approach to aircraft sales and aircraft acquisitions has produced outstanding results for clients nationwide. This has been true through good economic times and significant downturns. In fact, their time-tested methodology has enabled the company to grow steadily and expand to include six offices around the U.S.

Today, Jeteffect is one of the most trusted and respected aircraft sales and aircraft acquisitions firms in the country.

About Jeteffect

2001 Jeteffect Inc Founded

Jeteffect incorporates in the State of California, in arguably one of the most challenging business climates which saw the stock market meltdown followed by 9/11. Despite these challenging conditions, Jeteffect is profitable.

2001 Jeteffect becomes NBAA member

2002 Jeteffect attends NBAA

Jeteffect displays at NBAA Meeting and Convention in Orlando and begins an consecutive and uninterrupted appearance at NBAA’s premiere event.

2002 Jeteffect hires its first sales director

Chris Warners, has enjoyed an uninterrupted 17 years with the company and currently holds the title of Vice President, Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions. Since that first hire, Jeteffect has added a small number of hand-picked sales directors who on average, have been with the company for greater than 10 years.

2002 Jeteffect opens new offices

Jeteffect strategically opens a mid-continent and east coast offices. Co-founding member George Marburger establishes a strong east coast presence in West Palm Beach, a hub of corporate jet activity.

2004 Jeteffect joins NARA

Jeteffect becomes National Aircraft Resale Association Member, (now IADA).

2004 Jeteffect hires Senior VP

Long-time industry veteran and past NARA, (IADA) president, Walt Wakefield, joins Jeteffect as it Senior VP and heads up its Dallas office.

2005 Jeteffect closes 100th transaction

Within four years and with its small core group, Jeteffect celebrates its 100th transaction.

2009 Jeteffect closes 250th transaction

A growing sales team marks its 250th transaction.

2011 Jeteffect joins NAFA

Jeteffect becomes National Aircraft Finance Association Member.

2016 Jeteffect closes 500th transaction